For a more youthful vitality and to fade blotchy, sun-damaged, discolored skin, large pores, freckles, and wrinkles, photofacial therapy is a great treatment option.

How does it work?

A photofacial, is a procedure that utilizes intense pulses of light (IPL) to penetrate deep into the skin. IPL then causes collagen and blood vessels below the epidermis to constrict, reducing redness and age lines. The procedure involves only minimal discomfort, while the redness and swelling that sometimes occur after treatment disappear shortly. Most benefits of a photofacial occur gradually in the weeks following treatment.

How are the FotoFacial RF Pro treatments performed?

IPL treatments are a simple office based treatment. The patient is covered with a thin layer of cooling gel and the entire face is treated with a gentle pulse of light and Radiofrequency energy. Each treatment takes about 30 minutes and involves pulses of bright visible light and Radiofrequency energy that are passed into the skin. The neck, chest, and hands are also commonly treated with Phototherapy.

Because each IPL treatment is gentle, most patients require 3 to 5 FotoFacial treatments to see the desired results and they are performed every 3 to 4 weeks. In most skin types, a microdermabrasion is recommended between FotoFacial treatments to enhance the penetration of the light and Radiofrequency energy.